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What is the theme of a story
(from Laying the Foundation series of books published by AP Strategies in Dallas ) For example, if love is a topic/subject of two novels, a major theme in one of .

The Hunger Games - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Themes. In an interview with Collins, it was noted that the books "[tackle] issues like severe poverty, starvation, oppression, and the effects of war among others".

Atlas Shrugged - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
But in plot, character, tone, and theme they are very different." In order to persuade Rand to publish her novel with Random House, publisher Bennet Cerf .

Styles and themes of Jane Austen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Throughout her novels, serious reading is associated with intellectual and moral development. The extent to which Austen's novels reflect feminist themes has .

Themes A Critical Review of the novel The Help
Their color and station in life is no barrier to her friendship and business relationship with them. A one sentence or central theme of the novel could include: .

SparkNotes: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Themes, Motifs ...
Though its themes are quite weighty, the novel itself feels light in tone and is an enjoyable read because of this rambunctious childhood excitement that enlivens .

Amazon.com: Well-Written Gay-Themed Books
A list of products including, Almost Like Being in Love: A Novel, .

What is the theme in "Of Mice and Men"? - Of Mice and Men ...
Mar 1, 2008 . Stienbeck uses his characters to represent themes of the novel, "of mice and men " (first published 1937) Candy, Crooks, Lennie, George and .

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Feb 19, 2007 . The primary subject of fiction is human emotion, values, and beliefs. The characters in the story change as a result of the events of the story.

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Persuasion was the last novel Jane Austen completed, and it didn't appear in print until . While a major theme in Persuasion is, not surprisingly, persuasion, the .

Charles Dickens's Themes
An analysis of Charles Dickens's novels beginning with Nicholas Nickleby and The Mystery of Edwin Drood - examining its themes and offering a solution to its .