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Management options for the Golden Apple Snail
Discussed here are details of the biology of golden apple snail, including several management options that farmers could use to manage this pest in their farms.

The Apple Snail (Ampullariidae) Website
Information about apple snails (Ampullariidae): ecology, care, anatomy, species . apple snail genera Pomacea and Pila, is the tubular siphon at their left side, used to . Apple snails are often sold under the name Golden mystery snail and are .

Eating apple snails
Collect large adults of apple snails ("golden" Kuhol) in the paddy, canals, and .

Ampullariidae - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The giant Pomacea maculata is rarely used as an aquarium species. Apple snails are often sold under the name "golden (ivory, blue, black...) mystery snail" and .

Golden Apple Snail
The golden apple snail found in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and . water, so it can grow with a healthy shell- the calcium is used as calcium-carbonate to .

The Golden Apple Snail - a Special Report
The Golden Apple Snail (Pomacea canaliculata), originates from South America , and is . About 40% of Filipino farmers use pesticides to control the snail.

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Mystery Snails Care, Breeding And Pictures
Mar 27, 2008 . I did use these on a regular basis & it seemed to keep them happy . Katie, I have two African dwarf frogs and a gold mystery snail they work .

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Effect of ensiled or fresh Golden Apple Snails (Pomacea spp) on pig ...
In 1981 the Golden Apple Snail (Pomacea. Spp) (GAS) was introduced into Taiwan from Argentina as a food for human consumption and was subsequently .

1 Management of the Golden Apple Snail, Pomacea canaliculata ...
However, the use of molluscicide has been restricted to minimize environmental pollution and to conserve the natural enemies of golden apple snail. The control .