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Rhododendron Vs. Azalea | eHow.com
Identification. Azalea flowers have five to six stamens in the center of the blossoms, but rhododendrons have 10. . Azaleas produce thin, soft pointed leaves. . Rhododendron leaves are covered with tiny, round scales on the undersides.

Azalea - New World Encyclopedia
Dec 18, 2008 . In some species the underside of the leaves are covered with scales (lepidote) or hairs . Azalea leaves tend to be thinner, softer, and more pointed than other . Other members of Rhododendron tend to have larger and more .

azaleas - Azalea Society of America
Then look at a leaf—azalea leaves tend to be thinner, softer and more . leaves never have scales, while small-leaved rhododendron leaves are always covered .

Rhododendron, Oregon State Univ., LANDSCAPE PLANTS
Plants in the subgenus Rhododendron have small scales ('lepidote scales') on their lower leaf . Flower color covers the specturm except for true red. . of the leaf (tend to be thinner, softer and more pointed than rhododendron leaves), and .

Root Weevils: Troublesome Rhododendron Pests
The plants may have only a few notches in some leaves; however, many plants do end up with their . Thinner foliage is more susceptible than foliage that is thick. . They are soft and have the outline of the parts of the adult weevil. . Some may not like the color of the grounds and a thick covering may become moldy.

Rhododendron & Azalea News - Plant Tips
Have a question: I have a nice plant that was purchased last September. . Cover the plants just before freeze up in the Fall and uncover after all the frost is out of the . Young, soft rhododendron leaves are most easily attacked by powdery mildew although . Fine sand will not improve drainage, but will fill in pore spaces.

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Rhododendron & Azalea Problems
Henning's rhododendron and azalea page: how to grow them and trouble shooting . cover the stomata, the pores through which the leaves loose moisture. . Rhododendrons and azaleas have a fine, hair-like root system, which grows .

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Rhododendron (lepidote - Small Leaved) - RareFind: Rare Azaleas ...
71 items . The leaves are often highly aromatic when crushed, with a pine-like or clove-like . key is that azalea leaves never have scales, are usually hairy, and thinner textured. . (C8) This compact globe covers itself with very soft pink flowers.

Trimming azaleas - Zimbio
Deciduous Azaleas have trumpet shaped flowers in a range of bright colours. . Azalea leaves tend to be thinner, softer and more pointed than rhododendron leaves. In a subjective way I think Azaleas produce more flower cover per plant.