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Federal Remedies in Employment Discrimination Actions
Final Relief: Backpay, Front Pay, Permanent Injunctions and Other Affirmative . [ 9.63] Consequential and Compensatory Damages in Equal Pay Act Actions. 3. . relief in order to mitigate against the harshness of such a delay or to avoid the .

CHARGE 2.33 Page 1 of 9 2.33 WRONGFUL DISCHARGE ...
The back pay damages are to be reduced by earnings that plaintiff either . and diligent efforts to mitigate or minimize the amount of damages she/he has sus- .

Civil Jury Instructions
Mitigation of Back Pay Award: The plaintiff has a duty to undertake reasonable measures to minimize [his] [her] damages and the defendant is not required to .

Duty to Mitigate
The Duty to "Mitigate" or Reduce and Document Damages in Employment Cases . Generally, damages for back pay are measured by what you would have .

employees need not mitigate damages by seeking interim employment during the . member Larry Green stands to gain over 3 1/2 years of back pay. (plus all .

What Am I Entitled To If I Win?
Frequently, compensatory damages include back pay, front pay or "actual damages," . However, victims are also subject to what is called the "duty to mitigate.

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Digest of EEO Law, Volume XV No. 2
Back Pay/Mitigation. Class Complaints. Compensatory Damages. Complaint Filing. Findings of Discrimination. Grounds for Dismissal. Medical Confidentiality .

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Guidelines for Awarding Pension Credit Based on Back Pay Awards ...
the participant to back pay. The parties are permitted through mitigation of damages, however, to reduce the amount of back pay an employer is required to pay.

Decision No. 12631
An award of backpay for a period of wrongful termination is intended to make an . who has been wrongfully discharged must endeavor to mitigate damages by .