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Mole Control
Mole Control in Lawn and Garden. Hole Identification: Moles vs. Voles and Other Rodent Pests. By David Beaulieu, About.com Guide. See More About: .

Moles and Voles - New Jersey, NJ Wildlife and Animal Identification
The Eastern Mole or Common Mole (Scalopus aquaticus) is a medium-sized North American mole. It is the only member of genus Scalopus. It is found in .

How to Identify Shrews, Moles & Voles | Garden Guides
Identify the shrew, mole or vole by its size. Shrews are small and mouse-sized, while moles are larger, with bodies about 6˝ to 7 inches long (not including the .

Mole Traps and Gopher Traps | Get Rid of Moles and Gophers
Mole traps and gopher traps are made in USA of quality stainless steel wire. . Pest ID Guide . mole and gopher traps on the market, and to provide our customers with concise practical information on animal damage identification and trapping techniques to allow for efficient control of your mole, gopher, or vole problem.

Identifying the Cause of Garden/Grass Damage
Steps to help property owners identify the animal species causing lawn, garden, and crop damage. . This page contains a series of questions that will help guide you in determining the . Mole mounds are circular and tend to be smaller 6-8 inches in diameter. . Voles: Voles will create trails in the grass where they travel.

Voles or Moles? Identification is Key | Safelawns Daily Post and ...
Apr 8, 2011 . Voles, otherwise known as field mice, are vegetarians that eat roots, leaves and . For those people, here are a few control tips that avoid toxic pesticides. . based in animal urines, animal blood or other foul scented products.

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Voles and Moles in the Lawn - Greenview
It's important to know which pest you've got because effective mole or vole control depends on targeting the right action to the right animal.

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These images show the tiny eyes, small, delicate feet and stubby tail which help identify voles. . Voles will often follow the mole tunnels and eat the plants which the moles . Despite being the most common mammal, they are seldom seen because . with small mammals, you might want to pick up a field guide to mammals.

Vole Control - Mole Identification and Control
Jul 8, 2011 . It would take over 7 pounds of our mole (and vole) bait to kill a 50 pound dog, according . These mammals are solitary and it's rare for more than 2 or 3 moles to occupy the same burrow system. . Click Here for Users Guide .