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Expanding the View: A Review of Mobile Magnifier and ZOOMS ...
Thus, the higher the magnification level, the more challenging cell phone screen magnifiers can be to use, because you lose your orientation, since there is such .

Optrics Suitcase
At a distance… Magnify Your Optricks Card Closer… Magnify Your Optricks Card Tiny Dots of Color Appear! Magnify a Cell Phone Display At a distance…

Magnifics Inc - Cellular phone accessories magnifying cell phone ...
The Phone Monocle cell phone magnifying lens allows your phone display to be read with ease and will look great in an Array of colors. The Phone Monocle cell .

Amazon.com: iPod Blackberry 2x Portable Small Screen Magnifier ...
Cell Phone Magnifying Lens by ila . Small Screen Magnifier makes it easy to see the small screens on your cell phone, smartphone, PDA, iPod or GPS unit.

Screen Magnifiers : Mobile Phones - The Screen Magnifiers ...
Screen Magnifier Software for Mobile Phones running the Symbian OS. . Zoom Plus Video Magnifier for Android Phones - Turn your Android mobile phone into .

Magnify your Cell Phone, Home phone, Ipod, or Insulin Pump ...
Apr 16, 2009 . Magnify your Cell Phone, Home phone, Ipod, or Insulin Pump . more reaching for the reading glasses to answer and see the phone display.

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How to Magnify an iPhone Screen | Tech Tips - Salon.com
Modern smart phones such as the iPhone 4 have small displays with high pixel . Fine-tune the magnification level by dragging your finger up to zoom in or .

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Cell Phone Display Magnifier - AbleData: Products
Clip&Read, model 2916, is a pair of magnifying glasses for cell phone screens, digital . Mobile Magnifier is a cell phone display magnifier designed for use by .

Tiresias :: Devices :: Screen magnification software
Mobile Magnifier is a screen magnification software for mobile phones for the vision impaired. It enlarges and enhances all items of the mobile phone display, .