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Televes DAT-75
Jan 24, 2007 . It is imported from Europe, where UHF channels go up to 79. . The DAT-75 is very rugged, more typical of a CATV antenna than a consumer .

DAT-75 Outdoor HDTV Antenna - DAT-75 - Vetco.net
Televes DAT 75 UHF HDTV Antenna MFG Part Number: DAT75 Super Long Distance Over-the-air HDTV Antenna. The finest UHF antenna for fringe reception .

UHF TV-DX and fringe reception techniques
The MRD preamp is especially designed for the Televes Dat-75 high gain UHF TV antenna. This is the combination currently used by the writer. Research .

Experimental moonbounce UHF TV DX reception
Encouraged by Anthony Mann's recent UHF EME television DX, I decided to also try for UHF . Dat-75, 12-16dBd gain UHF TV aerial (replaces Pro-75).

OTA Clone, Coat Hanger, and Junk Antennas - Page 11 - Digital Forum
The claim is that it covers the full UHF bandwidth. Anyone know of this . at 01:40 PM. Reason: Pictured antenna (Televes DAT-75) is NOT junk .

ota antenna question... - DBSTalk.Com
Feb 28, 2012 . The Dat 75, I believe tilts? - UHF antenna, very large three UHF booms - expensive. The Funke PSP-1922 is a VHF high band antenna that tilts .

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The Official AVS Antenna and Related Hardware Topic! [Text View ...
Which is where the shorter length of the DAT-75 may prove advantageous. . I have no tests of other UHF antennas to compare it to but I can receive analog .

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What's this antenna in yellow? [Archive] - TV Fool
Sep 28, 2011 . Anyone know that this antenna is yellow is called? And what's its . http://www. hdtvprimer.com/ANTENNAS/DAT75.html . Still the other link says it's hard to maintain and aim and it's good gain is for the upper UHF channels.

TERRESTRIAL Antenna Aerial price list, presented by JW Hardy ...
Aug 27, 2010 . UHF DAT Range. DAT75 19dB GRP W (21-69), UHF TV Aerial. CAI Aerial Benchmark Standard 1, Certificate Number CAI/AB 032, DAT75 .