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Pop up IFR clearance ILS approach HKS with ATC communication ...
Nov 15, 2008 . ILS approach HKS Jackson MS, VOR alpha circle to land approach with ATC COMS from picking up IFR clearance to IFR cancellation.

How to Copy an IFR Clearance Like a Pro
Sep 26, 2009. befuddles most instrument pilots in training doesn't involve flying at all: How to copy and read back an IFR clearance from Air Traffic Control.

PrcDevelopment: IFR Clearances
Jul 29, 2007 . IFR Clearance - What is it? A clearance issued by ATC is predicated on known traffic and known physical airport conditions. An ATC clearance .

Ask an ATC: IFR Questions
. little traffic and the controller . as no other IFR traffic can .

Instrument flight rules - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In controlled airspace, Air Traffic Control (ATC) separates IFR aircraft from obstacles and other aircraft using a flight clearance based on route, time, distance, .

Departure Clearances - FAA
Feb 9, 2012 . If a published IFR departure procedure is not included in an ATC clearance, compliance with such a procedure is the pilot's prerogative. 4. SIDs .

The Air Traffic Control System
receive and process flight plans, relay ATC clearances, originate Notices to Airmen . an IFR clearance from the AFSS by radio or telephone. It contains either a .

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IFR Clearance Practice | LiveATC.net - Listen to Live ATC
Fella's, much obliged - this stuff is great review for an old hand that hasn't filed IFR in years but tryin to get back at it without looking too much .

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IFR clearance readback requirement - Air Traffic Control - ATC ...
Apr 15, 2010 . So here it is. What is a pilot required to readback after you give an IFR clearance( eg: "cleared to la garbage airport via")? Please cite.

Air traffic control clearances lesson plan Aeronaut
Jul 27, 2007 . An ATC clearance authorizes us to proceed under IFR in controlled airspace; When ATC issues a clearance, do not deviate from it unless: .